Rejections & Offers

As I approach my 7th month as the Marketing Coordinator for Egret Consulting Group, I look back at the path that brought me to this position. Over 6 months of searching, countless interviews and multiple staffing agencies – I received 5 offers and rejected 4 positions. But, I was, also, rejected from companies I adored and hoped to work for. It so happens, all the no’s I gave and received led me to an even better opportunity.

A job search takes patience. Don’t be afraid to reject an offer that doesn’t meet your financial, personal and future career goals. If a company tells you ‘no’, don’t let that deter you from pursuing other options. Thank the company for their time and pursue the next opportunity.

When searching for a new job, create a list of priorities. Research the companies you’ve applied to, accept the first interview invitation, review the interview’s conversation and decide whether to move forward with or move on from the position. Don’t waste your time and provide them the courtesy of saving theirs. During my search, this was my list of priorities (in order of importance):

  1. Job responsibilities/expectations/tasks and company expectations/goals
  2. Culture
  3. Distance/commute from home
  4. Distance/commute from my grad school choices
  5. Benefits (health, vacation, etc.)
  6. Pay

Most believe pay is the most important aspect to a job offer but the experience itself is just as, if not, more important (compensation package, of course, has to be reasonable). When an organization signs your offer letter, they’re investing in their future and are continuing to work toward their mission. When you, the candidate, signs the offer letter, you’re investing in your future. Your new employer will help you develop new skills and you will personally/professionally grow. Experience and pay work hand-in-hand. The more experience you gain, the more other opportunities with higher pay (and possibly responsibility) will present itself.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ but be open to new opportunities. If you’re on a search, best wishes!