Internships, internships, internships…

Have you guessed it? Internships is the topic. Why?

  1. Internships provide real job experience and skills to be used in your first entry level position
  2. Let’s be real: every entry level job (at least in the business/marketing world) require:
        • at least 2 years of experience (internships included, of course)
        • excellent writing and grammar skills
        • for marketers…a solid understanding of HTML, coding, etc…
        • experience in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and/or Google Analytics
        • a ‘can do’ attitude
        • willing to go above and beyond
        • willing to lose an arm and a leg
        • …and maybe a liver

You get the point. Post undergrad is a fight. Unless you are one of the lucky ones, where your internship has a full-time position waiting for you immediately after graduation, quality opportunity is sparse. There may be more job openings than working folks but

These days, a Bachelor’s degree is no longer enough. I, myself, have chosen to pursue a MBA. Why? I know I’ll need it in the future and rather complete it now than later.