About Me

I’m Ally…

My friends and family call me Ally or Al, but Allyson is my legal name. A resident of the Midwest and a lover of travel.

I’m a lover of learning…

Yes, earning my MBA looks good on a resume; but my aim is to teach business at the college-level when I (hopefully) retire at the glorious age of 50 from the corporate world. Despite the stress of learning online (thank you, COVID-19 pandemic) I’m a proud 2020 MBA graduate.

I travel because I enjoy immersing myself into another’s culture; learning what makes them them and exploring their history.

I love losing time between bookshelves. I enjoy non-fiction, true crime, poetry, thriller/horror and sci-fi/fantasy.

I seek all types of outlets to learn – this includes working in different industries. I’ve dipped my toes in construction (finish plumbing primarily in hygiene such as education and healthcare), electrical (servicing various verticals e.g. light, wire & cable, etc.), financial, banking, sports entertainment, family entertainment and direct mail.

I’m a lover of art…

I’ve always had the desire to consume art in all forms. I was the only child begging my mom to take me to museums (because, hello?! learning!). I recommend the Art Institute, Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL; and the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, WI.

Growing up I played 3 instruments: the piano, clarinet and the drums. The piano was my first love and still touch the white keys every so often.

I may be an awful drawer, but I find various outlets to use my creativity. Is the finished product always pretty? No, but at least I tried, right?

I’m open to talking…

I’m a mix of an introvert and extrovert but open to having meaningful and insightful conversations. Please feel free to contact me 🙂